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The MIGHEALTHNET project aims to stimulate the exchange of knowledge on migrant and minority health through the development of interactive data bases in each of the participating countries. These 'wikis' will contain the following sorts of data:

  1. Background information concerning migrant and minority populations
  2. The state of health of migrants and minorities
  3. The health care system and the entitlement of migrants and minorities to health care
  4. Accessibility of health care
  5. Quality of care: ‘good practices’ developed to improve the matching of service provisions to the needs of migrants and minorities
  6. Achieving change: centres of expertise, general reports and policy documents, journals, training programmes, E-mail groups etc.

By facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise and stimulating network formation within and between European countries, the project hopes to further the development of good practices concerned with the health of migrants and minorities.

About the project

This project aims to give professionals, policy makers including health authorities, researchers, educators and representatives of migrant and minority groups easy access to a dynamically evolving body of knowledge and a virtual network of expertise. It will stimulate the formation of networks of individuals and organisations concerned with migrant and minority health. read more


The main activity of the project is the development of wikis concerned with migration and health, which will function as nodes for European and national networks for exchanging knowledge and expertise among stakeholders in the field. On completion of the project in April 2009, "State of the Art Reports" summarising the situation in each country have been uploaded on to the wikis. Click on the link "Reports" (left) to access these. read more
This porject was supported by Stavros Niarchos Foundation
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